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Infotute is a comprehensive platform comprising of Administrative and Academic functions and enhances communication among the stakeholders of an institute.
Infotute is designed for today’s emerging world in managing educational activities and meet up for the needs of future.
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The core functions of Infotute have been classified into
three categories

Academic Management System

Infotute allows an institute to manage its day –to-day academic functions and operations in an easy and efficient way

Administrative Management System

Infotute empowers an Administrator with accurate data and analytics for organising the processes productively

Communication Management System

Infotute communication management helps all stakeholders to share data & information with one another


Our ERP is designed to deliver complete automation to institutes, thus allowing administrators to manage resources and augmenting them for higher productive results.
The end result of all true learning is change. Learning is the avenue to future for destiny belongs to those who prepare in the present.
Product Line

Our Forte to Excellence

Education Management

Automation applied to an organisation magnifies its efficiency. All the process are integrated and brought to a common platform for real time data analysis and assessment.

Online Class

Technology aided Online Class embraces graphical representations, pictures, online videos, notes, assignments and worksheets, which can be accessed round the clock.

Mobile Apps

We develop your business ideas into amazing and profitable mobile products and help transform your business into a prosperous mobile enterprise, using mobile apps built by us.

Data Security

We employ some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

RDS Encryption

128–256-bit encryption


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